Copper cables

Copper cables for all interfaces

Whether assembled cables or cables sold by the meter – you'll always find the right solution for your application at Phoenix Contact.

Whether for signal and power transmission at sensor/actuator level or for use in bus systems and networks – we have the right cable for your application.

Your advantages

  • Wide range of applications, thanks to diverse connector types

  • Consistent cabling from the control cabinet to field level

  • Comprehensive product range for all common networks and fieldbuses

Assembled cables

Assembled cables  

Assembled cables

With our comprehensive range of connectors for copper cabling, you can flexibly implement consistent solutions for signal, data, and power transmission.

  • M5 to M12 and M17 to M58 circular connectors

  • Modular rectangular connectors – even for challenging ambient conditions

  • Special 360° shielding for maximum electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


Sold by the meter

Sold by the meter  

Sold by the meter

Copper cables from Phoenix Contact are available with various numbers of positions and cross sections in custom lengths between 0.2 m and 1,000 m.

  • Halogen-free PUR cable type

  • PUR/PVC cable type

  • PVC cable type

  • PUR POWER cable type

Our connectors for assembly give you the flexibility to adapt the cable length to your requirements.


Tools and accessories

Tools and accessories  

Tools and accessories

When it comes to cutting, stripping, crimping, screwing, and measuring, Phoenix Contact offers the right tools and accessories for every job. All components are made from high-quality materials which guarantee long-term ergonomics and functionality.

  • Hand tools and machines

  • Screwdriver tools

  • Ferrules, seals, and sealing caps

  • Cable binders

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