Lighting and signaling

More than just light

Whether you are dealing with the system state, product quality or hard-to-inspect dark areas – with intelligent lighting and signaling technology, you always have everything within view.

Do you need to be kept informed of the state of your system at all times? With the PSD signal towers and signal lights for maritime applications, you can always keep an eye on the state of your system.
Or do you want to bring light into the darkness? No problem. You can optimally and efficiently illuminate the desired area using PLD machine lights, PLD enclosure lights, and PLD tower lights.

Your advantages

  • Increased service life and lower energy costs, thanks to efficient LED technology

  • Optimum adaptation to individual requirements, thanks to the comprehensive portfolio of products and accessories

  • Suitable for harsh industrial environments, thanks to high degree of protection

  • Shorter response times, thanks to situation-specific adaptation of lighting and signaling to the system or to the control cabinet