Electronic switching devices and motor control

Intelligent switching, protection, and measurement

Switching devices and motor control are synonymous with easy handling, time and space savings, and high system availability.

Electric motors are used in a variety of industrial applications for controlling movements. Motors are often started and reversed using classic, mechanical contactor circuits. These often require a great deal of space as well as a lot of wiring effort. The service life of the devices is also limited. Costly sensor technology is often required to collect important motor and process data.

Take advantage of Phoenix Contact's broad portfolio of electronic switching devices, economical motor and machine managers, and modular power distribution board and optimize your production and operating costs, your maintenance, and your energy management. Let us help you meet the challenges of digitalization and Industrie 4.0.

Your advantages

  • High system availability, thanks to 10 times longer service life with hybrid technology

  • Flexible and straightforward fieldbus connection with a suitable gateway

  • Fast wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring

  • Easy group shutdown via DIN rail connectors after an emergency stop, thanks to an upstream safety relay

  • Protection of high-quality system parts, thanks to freely configurable signaling and switching thresholds

  • Production data and energy data acquisition without the need for complex sensors

  • DIN rail connector interface for direct connection and transmission of process data